The following, worldwide subscription models to the Many Peaces Magazine are available:

  • Regular subscription: 20 EUR annually excl. shipping charges (see below)
  • Student subscription: 16 EUR annually excl. shipping charges  (see below)
  • Solidarity subscription 1+1 – One magazine for you, one for your friend: 40 EUR annually excl. shipping charges (see below)
  • Many Peaces Magazine Support subscription: at least 80 EUR annually incl. shipping charges


Get your subscription now! Download the form, print it, scan it and mail it to or to Many Peaces Magazine, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Vill-Igls, Austria. In case of a student subscription, please attach your certificate of enrollment. For more information about our subscription models, please contact us!

Form 1: Subscription Form 2: Support Subscription


Worldwide packages for you! Subscription and annual shipping charges by Österreichische Post AG:


Collection at the Opening Ceremony Austria

(EUR 3 shipping charges per magazine)


(EUR 7 shipping charges per magazine)


(EUR 13 shipping charges per magazine)

Regular subscription 20 Euro 26 Euro 34 Euro 46 Euro
Student subscription 16 Euro 22 Euro 30 Euro 40 Euro
Solidarity subscription 1+1

(Different charges might be applied for each subscription. Please contact us for an individual model)

40 Euro 52 Euro 68 Euro 92 Euro
Support subscription at least EUR 80 incl. world-wide shipping charges



Image Sources:

  • MPM Subscription: Clara Maier
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