Discovering Hidden Dynamics: Self-realization and Team Building for Peace and Conflict Workers through Elicitive Conflict Transformation

In my thesis I used personal experiences and I focued on the interaction between individuals and teams. The research investigates aspects of interdependent interaction within a team and how the process of self-actualization as well as conflict transformation of individuals and teams can be fostered. By assuming that the misconception between the self and others impedes the progress of the individual and the collective process of self-actualization, it deals with attitudes and methods of how the plurality of selves can be integrated on the individual interpersonal as well as intrapersonal level. Concepts of humanistic psychology add views and values to create a new understanding of roles the individual plays in the interaction within a team and how these attitudes influence the team and its processes. Biographical reflections illustrate my personal experiences within team dynamics and are used to illuminate the destructive potential of certain patterns within human behaviour for the individual and the team.


Ten months and 185 pages later… It took some time to finish my thesis and when someone asked me how it was going, I would have loved to start crying and complaining for being completely lost in the process of writing. Looking back now I can see the uniqueness of this time and actually it seems so easy to just go through it. Writing and contemplating about topics and personal disturbances triggered my curiosity and encouraged me throughout those times.

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