We are proud and happy that you can hold a copy of this magazine in your hand. In this volume, you will read about trauma and its influence both on individual stories and on groups and societies. We are proud to count with articles from all over the world, telling various stories and thereby providing a broad range of experiences with trauma and different ways to transform or deal with it. Throughout the magazine it becomes clear that any kind of historical, political and societal events have the potential to evoke trauma on different levels – in whichever context, culture or nation state. Not only a directly experienced personal trauma affects society, but, as Elise Bolding says, the influence may reach 200 years back and affect generations.

After these few lines, we send you ahead on the way through different stories about and experiences with trauma and hope that you enjoy the read.

Clara Maier, Julia Felicitas Michel & Juliana Krohn

Editors in Chief

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