Volume 12

Dear readers, 

The world is constantly changing – and we are called to change with it. 

Observing our surroundings, we are faced with a challenging and transformative period that shifted our working environments, created time for reflection, and nudged us into adaptation. This experience brought us, the Many Peaces Magazine Editorial Team from both Europe and the US, closer together – despite the physical distance. We are happy to welcome four new members in the team and are trying to approach this time of transformation with new energy, ideas and creativity.

As of today, we will begin publishing online articles regularly with the goal of creating a fertile environment around the topic of “creative approaches to peace work in times of crisis”. This collection will feature perspectives and voices from all over the world for you to read in order to continue our discussion about peace and conflict work. In addition to that, we will share constructive ideas and stories on how to put the many peaces into action, especially when faced with adversity. 

In general, the magazine continues to feature contributions relating to the academic field of Peace Studies, aiming to transfer knowledge from the academic sphere into practical life. You will find theories translated into common language or practical examples that relate to the field of peace work in its broadest sense and fullest complexity, while striving to acknowledge and appreciate all different experiences and ideas of peaces that exist.

Given the variety of perspectives and experiences in regard to the global pandemic, this volume of the Many Peaces Magazine aims to highlight “creative approaches to peace work in times of crisis” in order to see a more complete picture of what is happening in the world around us. We warmly invite you to have a look at our most recent call for papers. If you would like to contribute under the current theme, we are accepting submissions on a rolling basis. If you are interested in joining this exchange in a more informal way, the current theme specifically invites smaller contributions for the “Voices” section, where you can share your experiences during the ongoing pandemic, the role of peace work in this setting, and perspectives on different kinds and aspects of peaces with us.

To submit your article or to get in touch, if you would like to contribute to the magazine in any other way, you can contact us at magazine@manypeaces.org.

We wish you a good reading in the following weeks and hope you can enjoy, discover and get inspired by the upcoming contributions.

The Editorial Team  

Image Sources:

  • Spring mistletoe by Joanna Malinowska: freestocks.org
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