In this volume of the Many Peaces Magazine, we decided to promote reflection and dialogue by emphasizing the broad topic of “peace and development”. Our authors from various regions in Colombia cover reconciliation of former guerilla fighters and reflect on peace processes and education in the region; others report about an initiative in Uganda that aims to empower the self in order to create better life and working conditions. You will be introduced to Gustavo Esteva’s approach towards (under-)development and the framing of the concept; and Vera Grabe, a former M-19 guerilla fighter, anthropologist and politician who talks about turning points in the
Colombian revolution. Another contribution discusses a spiritual approach towards development. Personal comments from Egypt and Venezuela, individual stories and perspectives complete scientific research once again.

We provide a platform for various approaches and our team of dedicated authors, editors and our graphic artist managed to create precious contributions to the dialogue around global conflicts, peaces and development.

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Image Sources:

  • header_vol9: Illu by Ronimund Schwanninger
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