In the articles to come, our authors present to you intricate, complex and beautiful connections between and expressions of the concepts of peace and healing. As peace workers themselves, our authors explore avenues of both facilitating and experiencing peace through their stories of discovery and courage. They share narratives of healing on a micro-level with topics such as the personal journey of healing oneself in difficult realities such as illness and trauma. Others speak of healing in a broader sense – the healing of nations, communities and collective groups.

In this volume, you will learn about healing from a variety of perspectives from medical to energetic; healing as it is understood personally as well as the healing that happens in social and cultural fabrics. Furthermore, all of the expressions of what healing is that you will find here connect to the concept of peace. This volume asks key questions such as what do we learn from healing processes about peace? How does the art of healing foster peace both within and among individuals? How do experiences and understandings of peace simultaneously impact the healing of the body, mind and soul?

Greeting Note – Karin Michalek

[…] I am very honored to have been chosen to write this greeting note for the sixth volume of the Many Peaces Magazine and to introduce to you, dear readers, the many very personal, touching and inspiring articles. They truly are heartfelt, strongly written honest pieces of work. By displaying different approaches to healing, the authors are challenging the readers to take steps reaching out towards those things creatively. I would also like to address a special thanks to those who passionately put effort, love and creativity into the Many Peaces Magazine again and again. Thanks for your engagement and for holding together the peace community! […]

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