Prototyping a Freesponsible Solution for Uganda’s Educational Challenges

A 83% youth unemployment rate together with one of the highest population growth rates in the world is a combination leading to social problems in Uganda. Ideas and innovations tackling the challenges exist but the educational system rarely allows for social innovations to happen. Uganda became a world leader in youth unemployment through its rigid educational system. Only few young people are able to take the step, and the risks involved for prototyping new solutions to social challenges.  The educational system is preparing youth for something that does not exist anymore for everyone in Uganda: employment; and the system is failing to adapt to change.


Through writing the thesis, I went deep into the subject matter and was shocked with the findings and results I was coming across. I found out, that through educational sponsorships of youth in Uganda through my NGO “Jangu e.V.”, I was actively promoting the broken school system myself. The research led me to look for answers and to start the Social Innovation Academy (SINA). A place where no teachers exist and no single answer is correct. I am grateful of having had the opportunity to write the master’s thesis because it put me on track for creating SINA. The dream and vision started through the academic writing and hopefully ends in the empowerment of thousands of young people and the badly needed drastic changes within education in Uganda and all around the world.

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