The Many Peaces Magazine aims to be a companion for Innsbruck Peace Studies alumni, students and faculty members in the ongoing process of becoming peace and conflict workers and researchers – regardless where our paths have taken us after Innsbruck. With this new outlet we hope to create a space for sharing experiences, projects and initiatives related to the Innsbruck School of Peace Studies and offer a means of expression to (re-)connect both to the Peace Studies program and as alumni.

There is incredible potential within our group of alumni, which is comprised of people across the globe who at some time have been peace studies students in the Innsbruck program. We are a beautiful and diverse group. This became particularly evident, when a group of 18 Alumni met at the Grillhof Seminar Center this summer to create a shared vision for the Innsbruck Academic Festival of Many Peaces. This new initiative will be a bi-annual conference open for everyone who has participated in at least one presence phase, either in the role of being a student or facilitator at the MA Program.

Greeting Note – Wolfgang Dietrich

[…] Does a tree know all its leaves? Of course, the joker softly speaks, each and every single leave makes the tree complete, makes it what it is. Every single leave is an aspect of the tree, embraces the completeness of the tree in itself.

No reason to get excited, the thief he grimly states. In the cold season the leaves are leaving. They are blowing in the wind. They fall to the ground and disappear. The tree stands naked then; just invisible root hairs, a dull trunk and hideous snow covered skeletons of branches.

And soon new leaves will emerge. They dance with the sunlight and the rain, the joker whimsically smiles. They will nourish the roots, the trunk and the branches. They will make them stronger, let them grow. The tree will bloom majestically treeish late in spring.

…and yield fruits and seeds; the thief, he greedily adds. […]

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