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Peace Studies Brazil

I am very happy to announce the launch of an academic program on peace and conflict transformation from the transrational perspective in Brazil. The program was co-created by Wolfgang Dietrich and myself and starts already on 15th of May 2015 on the island of Florianopolis in southern Brazil where he will teach MA-level students.

The goal of the program is to educate students who aspire to both academic and/or professional activities in the field of national and international peace and conflict transformation and other fields such as: humanitarian and social work, development cooperation, human rights, mediation, security, disaster relief and conflict work on all social levels in the broadest sense of the word. Special emphasis will be put on the conflict awareness and the emotional balance of the conflict worker. A key highlight of this program is the focus on emotional balance training for peaceworkers with an emphasis on the method created by Alan Wallace and other existing methods related the emotional balance

The program offers a postgraduate consolidation of knowledge and skills according to the latest results of Peace and Conflict Studies, Mind and Awareness Training, and Humanistic Psychology as academic disciplines. It aims to teach the state of the art and to contribute to the Brazilian academic and practitioners’ debate. It attempts to frame these results in a praxis-relevant, experimental and experiential teaching method. The program understands itself as a completion and extension of already existing programs in neighboring disciplines. Students will be trained practically and prepared for innovative academic work in the field. The graduates will be able to process research questions and practical challenges by the application of theory-based and experimental approaches. They will be able to relate to the international state of the art in the discipline and work with them independently.

Knowledge-based ability to address problems, creative thought, intuition and elicitive conflict transformation in inter-disciplinary, trans-cultural, trans-rational and widely unfamiliar contexts will be trained as balance between scientific peace theory, balance and awareness of the mind and praxis-related exercises.

The program is scientific, international, intercultural and oriented towards practical application. The structure of the curriculum is made for best possible national and international compatibility with similar programs of the first (BA), second (Master) and third (PhD) circle. Transrational peace philosophy and elicitive conflict transformation are guiding principles. The program is comprised of both in-class curriculum and online seminars and takes place in a monthly rhythm, on a weekend in order to facilitate the participation of students from many regions of Brazil- even if they have other commitments or work. International students will be welcome as soon as the international cooperation is finalized and more details about this are to follow.

web: www.pazemente.com