In this volume, we are happy to present a variety of topics, ranging from Rosalie Kubny’s work as a peace facilitator working with dance and elicitive motion, to Egidio de Bustamante’s experience as a doctoral researcher at Castellón de la Plana, the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies’ oldest cooperation partner. We are also proud to feature creative and applied work in elicitive peace work such as a Consciousness Research group comprised of Innsbruck Peace Studies alumni, as well as vivid stories and images from the grassroots organization Colectivo Tomate in Mexico which alumni Tomás Darío shares with us.

The network of researchers who work on topics related to the Innsbruck School of Peace Studies throughout the world is growing and the quality produced is remarkable, like Sophie Friedel’s first monograph, The Art of Living Sideways, which we are happy to present as one of the latest publications in this framework. Meanwhile, Andreas Oberprantacher, a student of the first generation, has successfully finished his habilitation (postdoctoral lecture qualification) at the University of Innsbruck’s Department of Philosophy. Big congrats, Professor Oberprantacher, this is wonderful news for us all!

Greeting Note – Norbert Koppensteiner

[…] The texts speak of community and of emerging relational platforms. They relate stories about spaces held for each other like in the Alumni Sweat Lodge and the Consciousness Research Group. They report on common explorations of what it means to be a peace scholar and facilitator. The notions of the transrational and the elicitive are embodied here, enfleshed and painted with the colors of life, as is done in the contributions of Rosalie Kubny and Tomás Darío Pérez Vega. The magazine tells of projects completed and ready to be shown to the world, like the publication of Sophie Friedel’s Art of Living Sideways as newest Volume in the Masters of Peace. It brings news of theses completed and students turning into alumni, embarking on a new journey of their own. Congratulations to all recent graduates, like Layal Dorra, Mayme Lefurgey, Margrete Slettebø and Tanuja Thurairajah who are exemplarily featured here. […]

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