Moving between “I to We” – the First Alumni Sweatlodge

In our increasingly complex, interconnected, and interdependent world, it is crucial that we ask ourselves what role we play as peace workers. Particularly, how transformative experiences and insights at the interior level can translate into practical action for constructive change.

As alumni of the Innsbruck School of Peace Studies, we have all been travelling on our respective physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual paths. These paths, have propelled us in countless directions, and are a reflection of our unique journeys to becoming elicitive peace workers. As a result, there is an incredible potential within each of us and within the various projects and initiatives that many of us are creating and engaged with.

On January 10h, 2015, a group of 10 alumni, from across multiple generations of Peace Studies and from many corners of the earth, gathered together at the International School of Life & Nature, Native Spirit, to participate in the first annual Alumni Sweat Lodge. The theme for this year’s sweat lodge was: “I to We”.

During the weekend we shared stories, exchanged ideas, and actively reflected on, and experienced, the meaning of I, We and the many things in between. We explored questions such as: ‘what does “I to We” mean for us?’; ‘Where have we witnessed shifts to and from I to We in our personal and collective journeys?’; ‘How have our own transformative experiences and insights translated into practical action for constructive change?’ and ‘What are some obstacles or barriers we have faced along the way?’

Throughout the weekend we reflected on these questions explicitly. We explored where our boundaries expanded and dissolved through group workshops, guided meditation, mandala drawing, medicine wheel philosophy, and of course, the incredible transformative power of Native Spirit’s sweat lodge.

This year’s Alumni Sweat Lodge was a unique opportunity that provided each of us a chance to share stories of our individual and collective experiences and co-create a space of connection, reflection, and replenishing. In doing so, we openly expanded our supportive community under the umbrella of Transrational Peace Studies across multiple generations of alumni.

I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to join. Thank you for sharing, thank you for making that weekend an incredible, transformative two and a half days that I won’t soon forget!

I would especially like to thank Peter, Hannah and Sananda for their incredibly warm hospitality and their gentle, yet powerful, guidance.

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