Intuition – A Holistic Touch From the Fingers of a Conflict Worker

In this research I asked myself two basic questions: How does intuition help one to be aware of the self and to connect to the inner self? How does this awareness and connectedness lead to elucidating the role of the conflict worker in the context of conflicts, warzones and most critical situations? To answer these questions, I argue that intuition is not a magical button to click; it is a holistic ritual to start. It is getting naked in front of the mirror. Intuition is acceptance; it is being connected with life and the flow from moment to moment. As conflict workers, we encounter critical situations, flames and the smoke of warzones. Naturally we react from very deep levels within ourselves. Self-awareness can help us understand the context that surrounds us. This is intuition. It is a way of living.


In my research I discuss etymological roots, definitions and different perspectives on intuition. Furthermore, I analyze how the brain works in relation to creativity and how meditation can enhance creativity and sensitivity towards intuitive listening. I also include a detailed explanation of inspiration in the context of creativity. Similarly, I consider creativity as self-reflection in relation to spiritual and psychological understanding. To understand how intuition works in the humanitarian field and in contexts of conflict, I have interviewed eight conflict workers, each of whom brings a unique perspective towards intuition. Most of these interviewees hold more than 10 years of experience working in highly fragile and destabilized contexts of conflicts, wars, civil wars and natural disasters.

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