Working for Peace Means Being Peace – Die Bedeutung der Intuition in der Friedensarbeit

My thesis explores the links between the non-logical – to which intuition belongs – and inner and outer peace. People have different channels to perceive their inner wisdom, therefore my thesis aims to investigate various forms of expression of the intuition on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Since intuition is a phenomenon which is connected with many others, its close links to resonance, synchronicity and truth are an important part of my work. Moreover, throughout the writing process, I have asked myself what is required from oneself in order to promote intuition and how to make the inner wisdom accessible. In the context of outer peace, this research explores intuition and its links to communication, conflict transformation and decision making processes.


Writing my thesis was a journey through the five rhythms (flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness). By appreciating the non-rational inner wisdom as much as the rational mind and by trusting it, intuition unfolds itself more and more. During the writing process I realized that not knowing is a very friendly and creative space. Especially, my experiences in the Native Spirit Camp during my Peace Studies influenced me a lot and triggered something inside me. Therefore, I feel deeply grateful for these experiences. Each path to unfolding the inner wisdom is individual and no one knows the way to get there better than the heart. At the moment I am in the phase of stillness. I have the time to let my research manifest itself in me.

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