Healing The Healers Through Breathing Meditation – The Connection Between the Elicitive Peace Worker and Breathing Meditation as a Transrational Method for Peace Work

Working with humanitarian crises or relief work, peace workers are increasingly and continually exposed to suffering. Neither the employers nor the employees may have sufficient understanding of the wounds this can create. Using my own traumatic episodes as the core of the thesis writing, I ask the question of how breathing meditation, as a transrational method, can be a tool for peace work.
The concept of the conscious peace worker is an imperative character in my thesis. By talking to friends, family, peers and colleagues, I have come to realize that breathing meditation, as a transrational method for peace work, is applicable far beyond the figure of the peace worker.


The months of engaging deeply with trauma and healing was affecting me on every level. The conversations I had with previous peace workers and the stories from the field tunneled deep under my skin, and I felt a strong responsibility to finish the work (it took me two years!). Being an academic, a practitioner and a peace worker requires a delicate balance. Fortunately, I experienced that these dedications did not exclude one another, as my research method, the experiential understanding, was facilitating both my research and my own process, allowing me to  integrate and embody the experiences through my work.

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