Healing Spaces Between Fictions and Realities:  Drama/Theatre as a Way to Integrate and Re-Tell One’s Stories – A Transrational Approach to Peaces

In this thesis I have looked into how the holistic, embodied, cognitive, playful and artistic world of drama/theatre can facilitate the processes of re-embracing oneself as a dynamic and whole being: healing. I have looked at these healing processes by exploring how the stories people tell about their own lives influence the ways they relate to themselves and their surroundings and how they can therefore also learn to tell their stories slightly differently for more healing ways to unfold. I have chosen drama/theatre as my way of doing this healing re-storytelling because it is a practice that deeply speaks to my heart. Through this, I have realized how healing starts from safe spaces from where people can dare to embrace more and more of what they are and with this also make the decisions to continuously change themselves along with the flow of life. It is this I understand as healing: the courageous ability to continuously unfold one’s ever-changing here and now potential.


My research emerged out of a deep inner need to heal something inside, which started from my personal story. For a long time I have repressed huge parts of what I am and with this thesis I have searched for alternative and more healing ways to relate to my ever-changing, incomplete and perfectly imperfect being. My journey has brought me into dark inner corners, it has fuelled my anger and it has touched deep hidden pain and fear. However, through it I have re-discovered an aliveness I had forgotten I contained. All in all, my journey of writing has been a process to once again encounter, live and honor my life in its wholeness.

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