In Resonance With Life – The Correspondence of Birth

This thesis focuses upon the idea that our inner peace matters for our outer peace work. Using myself and my experience as an example, it is a journey about resonance and correspondence in peace work. I used embodied writing as a method for expressing this concept, and elicitive conflict mapping as a tool to delve deeper into correspondence.


This idea evolved into a journey following a part of my life. So as a reader, you will join me for two years of my life through two pregnancies, two births, fluctuating familial situations and many experiences through healing, tantric life school, sound, meditation, and group workshops.

I combined this experience with peace work in two different sections of my thesis. In the theoretical part, you will find most of the experiences expressed through embodied writing in order to motivate an impulse to delve deeper into the topic. Regarding my personal experiences with family and birth, you will learn more in the section on elicitive conflict mapping.

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