We learn from the authors in this volume the need for not simply an ‘add gender’ approach, where gender is considered as one sub-theme but rather as a cross-cutting element affecting all layers. It is imperative to not isolate gender as a stand-alone category, instead considering how it intersects and connects with various other identity markers and the idiosyncrasies of individual lived experiences. As such, we recognize the importance of challenging dominant narratives which privilege certain voices and, with this in mind, are humbled to present to you a wide variety of perspectives within this theme, largely from women, who are peacemakers, leaders and team members in their various fields and professions.

Greeting Note – Daniela Ingruber

[…] This is the fifth edition of the Many Peaces Magazine, and as in all former editions, the team around this magazine, the authors and interview partners show how colourful and inspiring reflections about peaces in all their varieties can be. This only is the case, as the thinkers invite us readers to allow ourselves to go deeper than just looking at the obvious. Gender: hardly any topic is able to demonstrate in a better way that peace work does not start in the middle of war or conflict exclusively. It rather starts in our daily lives, and it influences our inner existences. Whoever we are, whatever we do, however peaceful we want to live – and whoever we dare to call “we” – the perception of gender is following us and outruns our intended behaviours. […]

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