Beyond Good Intentions: Exploring Potentials in Transnational Feminist Theorizing and Praxis

My thesis reflects on transnational advocacy on the theme of global violence against women. I explore this topic through personal narrative, case studies and draw from transrational peace philosophy, feminist theories, elicitive conflict transformation and decolonizing peace theory as the theoretical groundings for this work. My project is centered around the idea that several global campaigns exist that seek to raise awareness about the phenomenon of violence against women but yet, despite efforts of international organizations and good intentions of those involved, many campaigns have come under scrutiny. Feminist scholars and women’s rights organizers have been critical that such campaigns inadequately foster solidarity and instead represent the ‘other’ rather than create a genuine and equally accessible space for community and connection.
As someone who has previously subscribed to and worked for similar campaigns, I have developed an interest in learning more about my own motivations for involvement. I am also interested as to how the personal level connects to the broader system of transnational organizing in which I am bound up in as a violence against women advocate, student and peaceworker in this field. My project ultimately aims to seek ways of understanding transnational organizing beyond its surface layers in order to speak to limitations but also enriched possibilities. A transrational understanding of transnational organizing offers unique insights into how people connect and organize across geographic and sociopolitical boundaries.


The writing process was very intense and personally challenging on many levels. This project required a lot of personal reflection, looking not only to outside realities, campaigns and projects but deep within myself. I also went through many different topics and ideas before landing on this one and have learned more from this program about myself and my path as a peaceworker than I can adequately express. I am forever very grateful for the profound learning processes of my presence term in Innsbruck, of this research process and of the life lessons in between. I am looking forward to continue being part of the alumni network and keep on my learning of elicitive methods and transrational peace studies.

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