The Fostering of Love – An Attempt to Relate Differently

Confronted by purposive and distanced relating brought by modernity, my thesis is motivated by finding means to foster warm and heartfelt relating. The research unfolds as an exploration of love in relation to other people, oneself and the world as a whole. Converging Eastern and Western notions of love, I infer that love can only be actualized in the here and now.

Empathetic, congruent, respectful and caring attitudes are but one aspect of love. The other, more active aspect, refers to free and non-binding giving. Therefore, I focus on two questions: How to transform old and inhibiting beliefs and patterns in order to live in the here and now? And secondly, how can free giving be practiced? I narrow down both questions to the exemplary methodologies ‘Clarity Process’ and ‘Nonviolent Communication’.


The whole process took me roughly two years and during this time, I transformed myself on many levels. Since I tried to apply the conceptual content as well as the presented methodology to my own life, I went through an intense process of fostering love by myself. Coming from a personal place where getting external approval was highly important in my ways of relating to strangers and friends alike, these tendencies decreased in their importance due to the transformational practices. I was increasingly apt to have spontaneous and beautiful moments of loving relation. The relation to myself changed towards a better awareness of my own needs and boundaries. It was a highly rewarding journey I would not have wanted to miss in my life.

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