Let’s end violence against women! Sincerely: the men

My thesis has been lead by a desperate need of discovering effective ways to abolish violence against women, particularly in Cochabamba, Bolivia, as the country leads the rates of femicides in Latin America. This exploration began with the study of the historical events that have shaped the chauvinism in Cochabamba and its evolution with cultural, political and social connotations. This information has been analyzed under the lenses of the holistic and transrational approaches, resulting in a new perspective on the problem that allows us to formulate new postures to face gender-based violence including all the stakeholders, promoting a change of paradigm and fostering the ownership of men in this issue and their leadership to transform it.


The process of researching and writing my thesis has been a unique experience because I am very close to the subject both as a victim and practitioner. Nevertheless, the more I studied the issue, the more disappointed I became. It was not easy to unlock the fact that the society where I belong to has normalized violence against women. It is unbelievable to me to see that women die every week in hands of their own husbands, boyfriends, partners or exes, and even more astounding that people do nothing to avoid such crimes.

What I gained in that journey is that even though everyone’s mindset is against mine. If I have an ideal and my heart says that it is correct, I must carry on and never betray myself by giving up. Hence, I encourage you to keep on pursuing your dreams and following your passion.


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