The Art of Self-Acknowledgement – Voice and Movement Into the Inner World of an Elicitive Conflict Worker

This research is an exploration of voice and movement’s potential for self-acknowledgement and conflict transformation taking into account transrational philosophy. Through the methods of 5Rhythms Dance and Lalish, my thesis dives into the possibilities of reaching an encounter with the self and transforming inner conflicts for the peace worker. It does so through a combination of theoretical and practical work, with a special focus on my personal experience.

This work takes the theories of Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Carl Gustav Jung as well as the philosophy of John Paul Lederach and Wolfgang Dietrich among others, as ontological basis and enters into a dialogue with the approaches of 5Rhythms Dance and Lalish. Through my lived experience, the literature analysis and the collective component, it proposes both methods as doors to recognize one’s own potential, befriend the shadows, realize the impact of enculturation and get in touch with oneself. It is the written account of my personal experience that hopes to foster resonance with other voices.


For me, this thesis was not only an academic project but also an enriching personal process full of insights, self-discovery and gratitude. It was the possibility to dive into the details of practices I believe can lead to other ways of knowing besides the rational one and an attempt to put into words those feelings, emotions and states of being that they can bring me to. It was a rewarding experience of acknowledging both the potential of what is already in me as a peace worker and human being, and what still can be unfolded.


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