To All That Relate/s: An Invitation

As we move in and out of shared physical spaces we experience polarization and conflict, growth and transformation, and an invitation to mindfully explore our relationships. Our relation with ourselves, places, people, things, and all that surrounds us have various qualities and aspects and can feel like anything from barbed wire to velvet strings of connection.

Starting from the assumption that we cannot be without relationship (or as Paul Watzlawick stated: You cannot not communicate), the question arises what possibilities we have to move within relationship. After two years of the corona pandemic, many people are used to cognitively relating numbers and staring at statistical data. How does that feel? What aspects and qualities of ourselves (mind, body, emotion, spirit, etc.) do we engage with in different relational spaces and what means and strategies do we have to consciously relate? How could we describe the texture of our relations? How can we honor different types of relating and rediscover those relations that were/are forcibly suppressed? How are relations tied into perspectives on peace(s) for you? These are just some of the questions our team is asking, and we look forward to hearing what questions and answers you are creating around this topic.

For Volume 13 of the Many Peaces Magazine, we invite you to share your unique perspective on the topic To All That Relate/s: An Invitation and encourage the offering of your proposal (story, research, video, poem, visual art, etc.) to starting January 2022 to May 1st 2022.

Image Sources:

  • Symbiotic tree relationship: Marek Zink
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