Julia Felicitas Michel

Writing Relations: The Slow Communication Experiment

In a fast and ever-changing environment where we get up, work, fulfill our daily duties and are constantly busy with something, we sometimes lose connection. The connection to ourselves but also to others. In a world that is getting more virtual and volatile, slowing down to make space and time to focus, re-connect, and invest in relationships is challenging. Amidst this situation, Hadeer decided to start the Slow Communication Experiment.

Julia Felicitas Michel

Editorial Team

Julia Felicitas Michel is a graduate of the MA Program for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Julia is all about change - throughout her studies, she studied and lived in eight different countries spread over three continents. She recently decided to settle down in Germany after seven years of being a learning-nomad. Despite settling down in one place for now, she turned change into her profession and currently works as a consultant for business transformation and organizational development.

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