My Climate Change – Intrapersonal Conflicts of the Ecological Crisis

My thesis examines the intrapersonal dimension of the ecological crisis. By also comprehending the social phenomenon of crisis as an inner crisis, climate change becomes my very own change. The far-reaching ecological crisis – exemplified by climate change – thus reveals to be a crises for my social environment.
In order to understand the process as a whole I have to understand my ecological imbalance as part of a transformation. By embracing my inner conflicts as the central stage of the crisis I am able to explore new spaces of opportunity by myself and within me. A deeper understanding of how society uses to cope with climate change helps me to enhance my self-awareness. It helps me to become a creative artist of my inner world. Climate change thus emerges as a fertile climate for my personal change.


After breaking five ribs while being in Croatia for a 5 Rhythms workshop, I made my decision: I started the five chapters of my thesis when I was still recovering, following the rhythms. Now that I am graduating I see that this wave has carried me through different stages of introspection.

In the same way I was thrown on the ground in Croatia I have thrown „My Climate Change“ on paper. Often my thesis was writing (and riding) me. I am relieved to have left this wave behind and I am ready to catch the next one.

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