Embodying the Unfolding Self: The Art of Dying and Becoming as an Elicitive Conflict Worker

This work explores the unfolding of human potential and the authentic Self through the lenses of embodiment and the balance of intrapersonal and interpersonal layers. It is based on humanistic and transpersonal psychology, transrational peace philosophy and embodiment. Through the methods of 5Rhythms dance and Aikido and by investigating my personal experiences with death, I dive into an exploration of how conflicts can be transformed in a creative process of both dying and becoming. By interweaving theories with personal experiences, my research discusses how such a process can contribute to strengthening the different intrapersonal and interpersonal layers of embodied grounding, emotional expression, relational resonance, imagination and intuition. This thesis thus sheds light on how embodiment and experiences with death can enable a transformation of conflictive systems as well as a conscious and authentic becoming of the Elicitive Conflict Worker.


My investigation has been a journey into the unknown. Being confronted with death several times during my research and writing process led me to integrate this topic as an essential part of my thesis. Ultimately, the experience has been about much more than simply writing a thesis. It has been indeed about exploring an inner process of dying and becoming in practice, with all of its depth, and struggles as well as the processes of letting go and creatively unfolding the Self. I learned to let go of concepts and belief systems, to understand and incorporate conflicts as an inherent part of social relations, and I explored myself as a constantly changing being. It has been a transformative, liberating and unfolding process.

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