Befriending Monsters: The Role of Fear in Facilitation Processes in the Frame of the Transrational Understanding of Peace and Elicitive Conflict Transformation

Based on my personal struggles with facilitation spaces, I decided to explore the influence of fear in the context of peace and conflict transformation. In my thesis, I aim towards the identification of methods that help me understand fear, not as an enemy but as an opportunity to identify our needs and limits out of the comfort zone. Some of my central questions are: How do we relate to fears? How to befriend fears in the frame of facilitation processes? First, I focus my attention on the physical, emotional, psychological and relational roots of fear in order to identify positive aspects of fear and its relationship with conflicts. Later, I engage with the perception of fear through different interpretations of peace. Finally, I explore creative methods in the frame of facilitation, which can transform the relationship that we hold with fear in a healing and meaningful way.


I deal with ‘monsters’ every day. They are constantly present, and they perform scary tricks using masks such as judgement, expectations and demands. The power that my monsters have in my decision-making processes and in the way I engage with facilitation spaces inspired me to write this thesis. I took the risk of opening myself and sharing some shadows that I had hidden under many masks. I experienced frustrating and inspiring moments during this journey, which contributed to my own personal healing. Nevertheless, even when facing my fears was a challenge, this process gave me the opportunity to embrace, love and respect myself in different levels; to acknowledge who I am and to recognize the potential of who I can become. Furthermore, it reminded me of the reasons that motivated me to fall in love with peace and conflict work and it taught me that my monsters will always be a natural and necessary aspect of my desire to keep on following this path.

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